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Grants to Charities

The Ironmongers’ Company wishes to support projects that provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people to fulfil their potential.


Grants are only given to registered charities. Projects must meet all of the following criteria:

  • For children and young people under the age of 25 who are disadvantaged

  • Consist of educational activities that develop learning, motivation and skills

  • Have clear aims and objectives to be met within a planned timescale

  • Are within the UK

The Company is looking for projects that deliver clearly defined educational benefits to a specific group of children or young people. Items of equipment will be considered only where a full explanation is given of how they will support this activity.

 Projects could, for example, support special educational needs, or foster social, emotional or life skills. Preference will be given to projects piloting new approaches where the outcomes will be disseminated to a wider audience.


  • Grants range from a few hundred pounds up to around £10,000. The average grant awarded is £4,000.

  • Grants must be spent within twelve months from the date of the award.

  • Recipients are expected to submit a written evaluation report within three months from completion of the project.

  • The Company’s support should make a recognisable difference, therefore preference will be given to requests where the grant would cover a significant element of the cost and to those from smaller charities. 


  • Large projects towards which a contribution from the Company would have limited impact

  • General appeals or circulars

  • Replacement of statutory funding

  • General running costs (a reasonable proportion of overheads will be accepted as part of project costs)

  • Medical treatment, healthcare, counselling and therapy

  • Course fees for professionals

  • Research projects

  • Bursaries

  • Schools, unless a registered charity for children/young people with disabilities

  • Fundraising events and sponsorship

  • Projects that begin before the date of the relevant Committee meeting (see below)

  • Building work

  • Holidays

Application Procedure

  • A description of the project of no more than three A4 pages, typed on one side of each sheet, should be provided.

  • Please include the following headings:

    • Aims and objectives of the organisation

    • how the need for the work has been identified and why the project is the best way to address this;

    • A detailed description of the project and the activities that will take place;

    • the anticipated outcomes and the methods by which the success of the project will be evaluated;

    • a full breakdown of the costs involved, explaining how the figures have been calculated

    • how the need for the work has been identified and why the project is the best way to address this;

        1.   If your Charity's most recent audited accounts are not available on the Charity Commission's online register, please                           enclose a copy. There is no need to send any other supporting documents. We will request them if we need them.

        2.   Completed applications should be sent to the Charities Assistant at the address below. The Appeals Committee meets                      twice a year at the end of March and October. The deadlines for receipt of applications are 15 December and 31 July

                respectively. Please note that applications are not accepted by email.

For any queries, please email

REG. CHARITY NO. 219153-9
REG CHARITY NO. 219153-10
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