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Iron Projects

The Ironmongers’ Company wishes to support Iron projects for the restoration of historic ironwork or creation of new decorative work in iron and steel.  


The Ironmongers' Company, as part of its charitable activities, works to promote the craft of ironwork. Support is given primarily for the conservation of historic ironwork or the creation of new decorative iron or steel work.  


Applications are accepted from registered charities, churches and schools for projects in the UK only. For church bells projects, only the repair/rebuilding of existing iron framesides, or the provision of new framesides cast in iron, will be considered.


The Company prefers to fund entire projects, or specific elements of a project. The majority of grants awarded are under £5,000.  Grants are paid on completion of the project and must be claimed within eighteen months of the date awarded.


  • The Company does not make grants for other restoration projects or for work to other materials

  • Grants are made for charitable purposes and not for the benefit of private individuals

  • Work that has started before the Committee meets (see below) will not be considered

Application Procedure

The Company's Iron Committee meets twice a year in April and October to review grants for Iron Projects. The deadlines for receipt of applications are 31 March and 16 September respectively.


Applicants should email with details of the project including:

  • A description of the property, the ironwork, its relevance and the work required

  • Conservation plan/craftsman's drawings/photographs as applicable

  • A full breakdown of the costs involved, indicating specific elements of the project for which a grant could be made and itemising VAT separately (please state whether VAT will be reclaimed)

  • The amount of money already raised for the project and any applications made or pending to other potential funders

  • The proposed dates for starting and finishing the work

  • Plans for ongoing preventative maintenance of the ironwork

  • Public access arrangements and visitor numbers where appropriate

  • The Company expects any conservation of historic ironwork to follow the National Heritage Ironwork Group's Conservation Principles. Your application should confirm that your project will meet these standards.

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